Are Your Priorities in Order?

Having your priorities in order is a topic that has been on my heart lately. I have heard over and over again that a common complaint is that people don’t have time to do what they need to do.

Well, in my opinion, that’s not exactly true…

I believe that we DO have enough time to do what we need to do (this may not be the same as what we want to do). It’s just how you go about looking at your situation.

First, realize there is a BIG difference between those things that you need to do and those things that you want to do.  I believe that you can get everything that you need to do done every day.  But how do you decide what you need to do?  For me, as a Christian, I look to God to help guide me in this area.  There are certain things that I believe God wants me to do as a wife and mother, and I believe He always gives us enough time to get the things done that He sets as our priorities.

Which, brings me to the title – Are Your Priorities in Order?

So, secondly, after praying for guidance, I look at my priorities.  This is where needs vs. wants can really clash.  My priorities are God, family, others, work, in that order.  My priority as a wife and mother is more important than work obligations.  Which means that some days what I want to get done for work does not get done, because I am busy doing things I need to do for a higher priority.

What are your priorities?  You may want to look at your values when deciding your priorities.  Then take your to-do list and put them side by side.  How does your to-do list stack up with your priorities?  In my day, there are certain elements that are always there: time with God, taking care of my husband’s needs, spending time with each child, cooking, and keeping the home neat.  Then, work and my to-do list is fit in around those priorities.  Not the other way around.

It’s really important to keep this perspective of priorities and values.  It is what dictates how my time is spend.  God gave us all the same amount of time every day.  How will you spend your 24 hours?  The bottom line is that when your priorities are in order, and your to-do list and time is scheduled based on those priorities, you will always get what you need to do completed, even though there will be many days when you do not get everything you want to do finished.  But, that’s okay!  I have found that there is a great peace when our priorities are in alignment with what we are doing each day.  And, when you get creative in the time management area, you will find that you can also get accomplished many of the things on your “want” list as well.

The great visual of this is trying to put rocks, sand and water into a jar.  If you start with the small things (sand, water) that are not priorities, then when you try to shove in your priorities (rocks), they will not fit.  However, when you first start with your priorities (rocks), then the other small things (sand, water) will fit too!

So, go find the rocks in your life and come back into alignment by determining what are your priorities and how can you dictate your time based on those priorities and values.

To your success,

Dr. Laura

P.S.  If you need more information about time management, pick up my free CD: 7 Secrets to Saving 24 Hours of Time Every Week!

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