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Yes, tomatoes are in season.  They are everywhere at my local farmer’s market.  In every shape, size and color.  I even have a few in my own garden (although not as many as I would like)!

So, I got inspired to make my own tomato sauce.

I’ve never made my own sauce before, and so I did check out some resources (The Ball Complete Book of Home Preserving and this post by Heavenly Homemakers) first before diving in.  I combined both recipes and dove in.

I am all about quick and easy.  I made two batches of sauce (because I only bought 10 lbs of tomatoes at a time – silly me, I thought I would get more sauce from 10 lbs of tomatoes, but, alas, 10 lbs of tomatoes only equals 5-6 pints of tomato sauce), one with skins (this was easiest) and one without skins (this took longer).  I’ll do a taste test later to see which I like better!

Here’s the recipe:

Tomato Sauce – Makes About 6 Pints

approximately 10 lbs tomatoes (I used the “canning special” at the local farmer’s market, which was just normal big tomatoes – you could use Roma tomatoes too)
lemon juice
pint size canning jars, lids, and bands
pressure canner

Wash tomatoes.  If you are peeling tomatoes, submerge them in boiling water for 30 seconds, followed by a dunk in cold water.  Peel the skins off.  Remove core and cut tomato into quarters.  Load into blender.  Blend at high speed about 30 seconds until everything is mashed together like a tomato smoothie.  Put tomato liquid into a large stockpot, and bring to a boil.  Simmer until liquid has been reduced (by 1/3 for thin tomato sauce, or by 1/2 for a thicker tomato sauce – I did the thick version).  Prepare pressure canner and follow the manufacturer’s directions for pressure canning.  Add 1 Tbsp lemon juice to each pint jar, and ladle in tomato sauce mixture.  Allow 1 inch headspace.  Process pint jars for 15 minutes at 10 lbs pressure (or according to manufacturer’s directions for high altitudes).

Just a few notes: Be sure to refer to your pressure canner’s manual for specific directions on preparing your canner, jar, lids, and bands.  You can also choose to process the tomato sauce in a boiling water bath.  The National Center for Home Food Preservation is a great resource for all things canning related.

My first batch gave me 6 pints of tomato sauce and the second batch gave me 5 pints of tomato sauce.  YUM!

What do you use tomato sauce for?

To your success,

Dr. Laura

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