Minimalist Monday Mission: Declutter 365 – Office Storage

Minimalist Monday Mission

This week for Minimalist Monday Mission: Declutter 365 I was working on my office storage area!

After I completed the bookshelves last week, that left one more major area in my office: the built-in storage area.

I am blessed to have a big office and it came with some wonderful built-in storage cabinets that line one of the walls.  In the middle of the room, we also have a desk for my children.  However, both areas had been run over with a bunch of stuff.  The problem with the built-in storage area and the desk are the same…they are both flat surfaces.

I’m convinced that flat surfaces are just magnets for junk!

So, the first order of business was to clean up the small desk.  Here’s what it looked like before:

And then I was able to see the desk again afterward:

Having just cleaned out the bookshelves last week, I now had an entire shelf to allocate to art supplies :)

Then it was on to the storage area itself.  There are three main sections.  Here’s what they looked like before:

And after:

And here’s a picture of the entire area as a whole.  I just love it when I can see flat surfaces don’t you??  Ahhh…peaceful :)

I also cleaned up my couch in the office as well.  Here’s the before:

And after:

I hope to move it downstairs once we sell the couch that’s currently downstairs.

After this clean up, and it was a massive event (hence the post here on Monday evening at 10 pm), I have a TON of things that will be donated or listed for sale soon.  There was actually so many things out of this storage area that will be donated or sold, it made me think of the saying, “Out of sight, out of mind”.  That was really true here.  I came across so much that I no longer needed.  It was like the decluttering jackpot :)

I’m thinking I need a week just to list everything or haul it off to Goodwill, so the plan for next week is to finish the office, list the items for sale, and take a Goodwill run.  So, you will see that the numbers for donations and sales this week were both low, but the amount recycled and trashed was really high.  That’s mainly because I haven’t categorized everything I eliminated yet.

Now there are just three things left in my office: 1) the desktop, which I purposely saved until last, because it’s been temporarily housing things along the way, 2) the process of digitizing documents, and 3) the computer paraphernalia box that I need help going through:

I am so close to finishing this room that I can taste the victory (and can certainly see a major impact here).  I’m hoping to finish up this week (although I may save the digitizing until later…)!  And I also have a massive overflowing box of paper to be shredded (despite the fact that I have been shredding daily!).

Total of items eliminated this week?

  • Threw out/Recycled: 111 items
  • Donated/Given: 0 items
  • Sold: 11 items from my Becoming Minimalist Sale, Craig’s List, Amazon, or eBay (listed a few things on eBay that sold this week)

Overall Totals:

  • Threw out 544 items
  • Donated 411 items
  • Sold 273 items

TOTAL ITEMS: 1228 items

Here’s where we are headed for the Minimalist Monday Mission: Declutter 365 in the next few weeks:

  1. Clothes (closet and dresser) – DONE!
  2. Master Bath Vanity/Cabinet – DONE!
  3. Nightstand and Top of Dresser in Master Bedroom – DONE!
  4. Kitchen Counters (main and island) – DONE!
  5. Kitchen Cabinets (upper) – DONE!
  6. Kitchen Cabinets (lower) – DONE!
  7. Kitchen Counters (by fridge) – DONE!
  8. Pantry – DONE!
  9. Fridge/Freezer – DONE!
  10. Kitchen Built In Cabinet – DONE!
  11. Digitizing Files
  12. Computer Files – DONE!
  13. Office Desk Drawers – DONE!
  14. Office Desk Top
  15. Office Baskets (in, out, to do, vertical file) – DONE!
  16. Office Filing Cabinet – Part 1 – DONE!
  17. Office Filing Cabinet – Part 2 – DONE!
  18. Office Hutch – DONE!
  19. Office Bookshelves – DONE!
  20. Office Craft Table – DONE!
  21. Office Built In Storage Area – DONE!
  22. Laundry Room Shelves
  23. Laundry Room Corner Cabinet
  24. Laundry Room Table Area
  25. Guest Bedroom Closet (toy closet)
  26. Child’s Bedroom Closet
  27. Child’s Bedroom Closet
  28. Child’s Desk
  29. Children’s Clothes (upstairs)
  30. Guest Bedroom Dresser
  31. Guest Bathroom Vanity
  32. Linen Closet (lower shelves)
  33. Linen Closet (upper shelves)
  34. Play Room
  35. Living Room DVD Cabinet/Mantle/Entertainment Center
  36. Large Storage Closet
  37. Small Storage Closet Shelves
  38. Small Storage Closet Banker’s Boxes
  39. Downstairs Bathroom Closet
  40. Downstairs Play Room
  41. Screened In Porch Area
  42. Downstairs TV Area
  43. Downstairs Bathroom
  44. Mud Room
  45. Garage Left Side Shelves
  46. Garage Middle Shelves
  47. Garage Right Side Shelves
  48. Garage Tool Storage Cabinet
  49. Garage Floor Space
  50. Walls/Pictures
  51. Scrapbooking Supplies/Area

What did you do this week to declutter??

To your success,

Dr. Laura

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