Renovation Thursday – Weeds and Trees

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This week on Renovation Thursday I took advantage of the nice warm weather to pull some weeds and put in some trees.

Weeds are not exactly my favorite thing to do, but I do like how the flowers look after I have weeded.  And in this case, I was able to see that there were actually flowers there after all underneath all those weeds.

Here’s the mess before:

And after:

And this week one of my bleeding hearts was looking beautiful, so I had to capture that picture as well (this was a few days after I weeded):

Then I moved on to the trees.  We decided to put in apple and pear trees for my youngest who wanted them this year.  Besides transforming our garden into a Square Foot Garden to allow us to plant more stuff, these trees are the addition to the garden this year.

When you are planting apple and pear trees, you need two trees of different varieties for cross-pollination (to ensure that you get fruit on your tree).  We chose two pear trees and two apple trees, because although it is possible to cross-pollinate an apple tree with a pear tree, it’s not guaranteed.  I knew if I was going to spend the time digging the holes and taking care of the trees, that I wanted to make sure I would get some apples and pears to eat!  So, we went the easy route and just planted two different varieties of each.

Here’s before:

And after:

Now I just need to get the top level of my walkway finished (which is know as weed central).  It’s a bit more complicated than just pulling out the weeds – I have to take out all the rocks, then pull up the (not working at all) weed barrier and all the weeds, then plant my new plants (hosta, bleeding hearts, lilies), put back down the weed barrier and replace the rocks.  It’s a weekend (or more) project for sure.

Here’s where I am headed for Renovation Thursday in the next few weeks:

  1. Kitchen Backsplash – DONE!
  2. Repair Slide on Swing Set – DONE!
  3. Patch Office Walls
  4. Paint Office Walls
  5. Remove Screws from the Office Ceiling
  6. Hang Pictures in Office
  7. Finish Patching Kitchen Ceiling
  8. Fix Outlet in Kitchen – DONE!
  9. Fix Fan in Kitchen
  10. Screw Sink in Laundry Room into Wall – DONE!
  11. Wood Trim Under Washer
  12. Replace Island Lights in Kitchen – DONE!
  13. Patch Kitchen Wall
  14. Paint Kitchen Ceiling
  15. Paint Kitchen Walls
  16. Patch Dining Room Walls
  17. Paint Dining Room Walls
  18. Paint Downstairs Vanity
  19. New Hardware for Downstairs Vanity
  20. Cubbies for Mudroom
  21. Bench for Mudroom
  22. Locker Holders in Mudroom
  23. Cabinet for Circuit Breakers
  24. Patch Holes in Living Room
  25. Paint Touch Up Living Room
  26. Hang Children’s Picture in Living Room
  27. Patch Above Front Door
  28. Put Piece of Wood Under Front Door
  29. Paint Above Front Door
  30. Remove Molding in Hallway
  31. Replace Outlets in Hallway
  32. Replace Light Switches in Hallway
  33. Paint Hallway
  34. Fix Wheelbarrow Wheel – DONE!
  35. Remove Rocks in Front Yard
  36. Plant Flowers in Front Yard
  37. New Weed Barrier in Front Yard
  38. Replace Rocks in Front Yard
  39. Pull Weeds and Trim Existing Front Flowers – DONE!
  40. Plant Trees in Front Yard – DONE!
  41. Paint Touch Up Guest Bath
  42. Patch Guest Bath Walls
  43. Paint Touch Up Master Bath
  44. Fix Vanity Door in Master Bath
  45. Fix Drain in Master Bath Sink – DONE!
  46. Fix Shower Heads in Master Bath – DONE!
  47. Prime Master Bedroom Walls
  48. Paint Touch Up Master Bedroom
  49. Fix Fan Wobbling in Master Bedroom
  50. Lattice for Children’s Artwork in Hallway
  51. Patch Hole in Wood Floor in Living Room
  52. Paint Pantry
  53. Fix Kickplate in Kitchen
  54. Paint Kickplate in Kitchen
  55. Fix Doors on Office Bookshelves – DONE!
  56. Tape All Child Locks
  57. Clean Tops of Kitchen Cabinets

See you next week as we tackle more home improvement!

Dr. Laura

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