Minimalist Monday Mission: Declutter 365 – Downstairs Closet

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Minimalist Monday Mission

This week for Minimalist Monday Mission: Declutter 365 I cleaned the downstairs closet!

In preparing for our community lawn sale this past week, I managed to tackle one of the most packed areas in my home – the downstairs closet.  This is where we have put all the baby clothes and baby gear for storage.  And, although I did organize it (mostly) by size, I knew there was still way too much there.

So, because I know that children’s things usually sell well at lawn sales, I decided to try to get through the closet before the lawn sale.  It ended up being a massive two day effort (all day), but I did end up cutting everything in about half.

Here’s the closet before:.

And after:

So you may be wondering how the lawn sale went?  It went well.  I did end up having two car loads full (I have an SUV), but I ended up with slightly less than one car load at the end.  The lawn sale was from 9-3 and it did not start raining until about 1 pm.

As soon as the rain began, I put everything at 50% off, but the sprinkles soon gave way to a downpour, and I was packing up to leave a 2:30 pm.

In the rain, I did run by a second hand children’s clothing store to offer them the unsold children’s things, and sold a few more things there.

The rest I took by Goodwill and dropped it all off, with the exception of a few things I thought I could sell on eBay or on the Becoming Minimalist Sale (which I will update this week).

All in all, I made $310 from the lawn sale.  I spent $10 on lunch, and $25 to get the table, so the net profit was $275.  But the items out of my home…priceless!!

My basement still looks like a tornado hit, because of the aftermath of the lawn sale activity combined with the cleaning of the basement closet, but I know it won’t be hard to clean up this week.

Total of items eliminated this week?

  • Threw out/Recycled: 28 item
  • Donated/Given: 374 items
  • Sold: 595 items from the lawn sale

Overall Totals:

  • Threw out 685 items
  • Donated 931 items
  • Sold 931 items

TOTAL ITEMS: 2547 items

Here’s where we are headed for the Minimalist Monday Mission: Declutter 365 in the next few weeks:

  1. Clothes (closet and dresser) – DONE!
  2. Master Bath Vanity/Cabinet – DONE!
  3. Nightstand and Top of Dresser in Master Bedroom – DONE!
  4. Kitchen Counters (main and island) – DONE!
  5. Kitchen Cabinets (upper) – DONE!
  6. Kitchen Cabinets (lower) – DONE!
  7. Kitchen Counters (by fridge) – DONE!
  8. Pantry – DONE!
  9. Fridge/Freezer – DONE!
  10. Kitchen Built In Cabinet – DONE!
  11. Digitizing Files
  12. Computer Files – DONE!
  13. Office Desk Drawers – DONE!
  14. Office Desk Top – DONE!
  15. Office Baskets (in, out, to do, vertical file) – DONE!
  16. Office Filing Cabinet – Part 1 – DONE!
  17. Office Filing Cabinet – Part 2 – DONE!
  18. Office Hutch – DONE!
  19. Office Bookshelves – DONE!
  20. Office Craft Table – DONE!
  21. Office Built In Storage Area – DONE!
  22. Laundry Room Shelves – DONE!
  23. Laundry Room Corner Cabinet – DONE!
  24. Laundry Room Table Area – DONE!
  25. Laundry Room Closet Tool Storage Unit
  26. Guest Bedroom Closet (toy closet)
  27. Child’s Bedroom Closet
  28. Child’s Bedroom Closet
  29. Child’s Desk
  30. Children’s Clothes (upstairs)
  31. Guest Bedroom Dresser
  32. Guest Bathroom Vanity
  33. Linen Closet (lower shelves)
  34. Linen Closet (upper shelves)
  35. Play Room
  36. Living Room DVD Cabinet/Mantle/Entertainment Center
  37. Large Storage Closet
  38. Small Storage Closet Shelves
  39. Small Storage Closet Banker’s Boxes
  40. Downstairs Bathroom Closet – DONE!
  41. Downstairs Play Room
  42. Screened In Porch Area
  43. Downstairs TV Area
  44. Downstairs Bathroom
  45. Mud Room
  46. Garage Left Side Shelves
  47. Garage Middle Shelves
  48. Garage Right Side Shelves
  49. Garage Tool Storage Cabinet
  50. Garage Floor Space
  51. Walls/Pictures
  52. Scrapbooking Supplies/Area

What did you do this week to declutter??

To your success,

Dr. Laura

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